TeamTalk Update – 31 May 2020

TeamTalk Update – 31 May 2020

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“Team up with a Winning Club in 2020”

New Players and school-leavers always Welcome

Why would you play for Old Boys Marist ?

We have a simple philosophy at Napier Old Boys Marist – that we are a well organised rugby club both on and off the field, we are fit, disciplined, well coached and our players are very loyal. Our teams are always well presented.

At Napier Old Boys Marist we promote a strong work ethic, we play with a special passion and honesty which is fun to be part of, but we also expect our players to carry that honesty through to their work and personal lives.

In summary we as a club will create a positive environment so that players can expect to progress in their rugby careers. To excel players must also take responsibility for their rugby and life in general.



An Important Message from Chairman Terry Gittings

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Club update Covid-19

IMPORTANT COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENTVideo update from Terry Gittings.Important information from the update. -Clubrooms open Tomorrow following all MoH guidelines around Covid-19-Training resumes Thursday 28th of May 6pm-Thank you to all our sponsors. Without you guys we wouldn't be here. To all our members make sure you support them in return.Video by Chris Kiely Photography

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New Players and school-leavers always Welcome
‘Team up with Napier Old Boys Marist in 2020’


If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.

Craig Gowler
Premier head coach
Director of Rugby Development
–  0272 402 550


Tim Jones
Director of Rugby
– 021 660 834

Your Enquiries Welcome


With no rugby on at present here is your opportunity to look back at our
NOBM Premiers games from last season…

Vs Tamatea Game 9 Maddison Round





Our IJRB are meeting next Tuesday 2nd June to discuss the rugby plan for our season ahead.

With the great news announced yesterday around the increased numbers for mass gatherings we are working through what that means for our sport, club and region.

We will be able to advise of the dates of the season, pre-season ideas, small blacks and weigh-in’s after that meeting. Please bare with us while we work through the details to ensure that the playing season is a fun, safe and exciting environment for everyone involved.

As we are still at Level 2 there are still strict criteria around training and playing and these need to be worked through and signed off by our Provincial Union before we are allowed to officially start training and playing.

In the meantime please REGISTER your children online via Sporty to your local club.

If you know of anyone wanting to play for NOBM in 2020 that hasn’t registered with us before they can go to and look for the Napier Old Boys Marist Club link to register.

– When it starts again –

For further Junior Rugby Info
please contact > Bevan Condin  (021) 160 5118   or   Hayley Ceselli  (021) 765 701

For more details check us out on Facebook:

2019 NOBM Junior Rugby Committee

Bevan Condin
Dave Walls (Convenor), Hayley Ceselli (Secretary),
Glenn Fulcher,  Rochelle Williams, Grant Frommherz, Therese Rodger.

“New Players Welcome to Team up with us in 2020



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“To provide a sporting and recreational club for both men and women which encourages both individuals and teams to reach their maximum potential in their chosen sporting club endeavours.
In doing this it would always be our aim to maintain a fun club spirit, which treats every person equally and which ensures that the club runs on a profitable basis”


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Wade Colville-Smith
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With the possibility of a very much delayed kickoff to the 2020 season there is now a likelihood  of having near normal season of two rounds which could likely run through into October taking place.

Now that the clearance has come down to Alert level 2 some initial training is likely to commence.  More info on this is still to be announced.  For now personal fitness training is the most important option until we get the all clear.  So folks keep your fingers crossed and play safe…………….

A Special Message to our non-playing Members and Supporters – ie our readers.
For those of you who are in the position to maintain your Support of Your Club   –   Your Subs are now due and your support will be appreciated and keep us financially buoyant, as we haven’t been able to operate our normal clubrooms trading since we hosted the Spillane tournament back at the beginning of March.


Your subscription of   $50  can be paid by Direct Credit to the clubs

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NOBM’s halfback Zach Donaldson doesn’t shirk at taking on the big fellas in the
2019 Maddison Trophy Final which saw his side taking the title at McLean Park
over NZ Marist affiliates Hastings R&S by 43-24 at the end of extra time


THAT back in 2007 a few of us members were gathered around a bar leaner in the clubrooms discussing the afternoons game that had just finished when I  commented that if Marist were still a club in their own right next year (2008) would be the clubs centenary.  After another couple of Tui’s the enthusiasm rose and we all agreed why not hold a celebration anyway in 2008.  Thus the background to both former clubs holding their Centenarys albeit under the guise of Napier Old Boys Marist RFC.  To refresh your memories Napier Marist was established in 1908 and Napier High School Old Boys two years later in 1910.

To increase the authenticity of each occasion a special set of original rugby jerseys were specially made for the teams match on the Queens Birthday weekend.  These were auctioned off at the Centenary Luncheon the following day (after an overnight wash of course) and as the following auction shows were keenly sought after.  To follow is a report on Marist’s weekend and next week edition will cover the Napier HSOB celebration…..

THAT the following is a Flashback from 12 years ago – 2008

Napier Marist RFC  –  CENTENARY – 1908 – 2008    Well it was certainly a great evening of re-aquainting and reminiscing by in excess of 200 members of the former Napier Marist Rugby Club at the Opening Function on the evening of Friday 30 May .  Following the official Welcome by our club president and ‘honorary doolin’ Gary Macdonald, decade and half decade photos when the groups were too large were taken and the old boys got back into telling the tall tales and wonderful games and ‘countless  tries’ they had scored for their old club!

‘TeamTalk’  is led to believe that some had barely got home or to their weekends accommodation by the time our Saturday morning junior rugby was about to hit the dew covered Tremain fields!  So onward to a grand sunny winter Hawkes Bay day of rugby rivalry pitted against our affiliate NZ Marist club Hastings Rugby & Sports – the amalgamated former Hastings Celtic & Hastings HSOB (a marriage of the orange and the green – the same as ours so to speak).

The day was great but the rugby was a complete reverse to what would have added the icing to the centennial cake with a complete whitewash of our senior OB Marist teams, but let’s not dwell on the negative. The aftermatch soon saw a packed clubrooms and marquee extension with both rugby, our football affiliates and the scores of our centenary visitors enjoying each others company in the lead up the Super 14 final on our big screen.  Others were being a bit more cautious in holding back so as to ‘survive’ the major event of the weekend the Centenary ‘long’ Lunch on Sunday 1 June.

And it only seems like yesterday

Old Teammates of the sixties at the Centenary Bob Harvey,
Dennis Mahony, Phil Beck and Kevin Gunn take in the
Maddison Trophy action at Tremain Field

Sunday dawned welcoming our visitors to another brilliantly fine Hawkes Bay day, a far cry from much of the patchy wet weather we had been experiencing.   And another great turnout of over 150 members who had registered for the luncheon settled into the pre-lunch social hour/s before the show kicked off at 1pm.

Further welcomes were extended by our exceptional MC, club president Gary Macdonald, who in his usual polished manner made the whole weekend such a seamless occasion.  Centenary chairman Phil Beck addressed the gathering on the former Marist club’s illustrious past, of the highs and the lows and of the characters that made it the club that it was.  Phil also went on the speak of the amalgamation and of the future aspirations of the Napier Old Boys Marist Club.

Further speakers included a special selection of past wearers of the former Napier Marist clubs colours in Marist and Hawkes Bay captains Bernie Troy,  Tom Johnson, Pat Benson who was also joined by brother Jim.  These well known club personalities each gave an interesting address on ‘their’ time in the jersey as well as a few other interesting revelations!

Our guest speaker rugby and media personality Eric Rush was at his usual brilliant best.  For those of us who been fortunate to have been entertained by the ‘poor maori boy’ from North Auckland in the past, he certainly has lost none of his charisma despite the occasional one liners we’ve heard before.  A very polished performer that capped off such a grand afternoon of Marist fellowship.

The final act was the Auction of the Nos.1-15 set of special edition former Marist playing jerseys.  The outcome of this went beyond our wildest expectations, averaging out at $832 per jersey raising a grand total of $12,490.  A sum that will be added to the $51,000 plus we already have salted away for our planned clubrooms extension.

The following were the generous purchasers of the keenly contested auction:  The top price of $1750 was paid for the No.6 jersey by former Marist player, a club sponsor and Taupo motelier Mike Casey.

# 1 – $600 Gary Leahy.  # 2 – $500 Reg Osborne.  # 3 – $500 Pat Benson.  # 4 – $1260 OB Marist.  # 5 Jim Benson.  # 6 – $1750 Mike Casey.  # 7 – $500 Tim Seed.  # 8 –  $720 Jill Verschaffelt.  # 9 – $690 Dennis Mahony.  # 10 – $1460 Dianne Mahony.  # 11 – $600 Laurie Kaye.  # 12 – $1000 Ian MacRae.  # 13 – $570 Bernie Blundell.  # 14 – $500 Paul ‘McGoo’ McGettigan.  # 15 – $1020 Max Goodall.

THAT it is interesting to see that some secondary school students are considering a return to school again next year in an effort to impress talent scouts as far as rugby is concerned.

This has been indicated by some Auckland 1A 1st XV players who have an eye on a professional rugby career, which gets plenty of exposure through Sky TV to a national and global audience and provides the opportunity for talented young players to showcase their ability.

This has obviously been brought about by the current pandemic that has caused so much disruption to both schooling and the start of any sport and rugby in particular in 2020.


THAT  it’s been a few years since McGoo’s Here and There appeared anywhere. With lockdown and no sport being played Eddie offered me a chance to reprise my former rugby/sports column that used to appear in the local club and rep programs. So I’ve rummaged up some old gems from a few years back.

NOT A NAME . . . to make the tail Wagg Kev, “The Nest”  was a winner in a local radio stations competition run in association with a brewery to find a nickname  for our beloved McLean Park. A few of the other names suggested were “Maggies Den”,  “The Wishing Well”  or  “The Pound”  because we’d been playing like dogs, a smart arse Aucklander suggested “The Comedy Theatre”  because our team was a joke.  In all essence we really need a name that had has some bite to it (more than “The Nest”) and in line the theme of Magpies and birds etc.  In all honesty I think it should become known as “The Cage of Rage”, now that bites! (1996)

I HEAR MAGPIE . . . fullback Jarrod Cunningham has taken to doing extra speedwork to sharpen up for the NPC.  His secret spot, it seems is a stretch of Karamu Road in Hastings. Three speeding tickets in two days, two of them in 20 minutes, says “JC” is obviously getting a little too quick. (1996)

THE BEST OF THE WORST . . . estimated times in last Sunday’s “timeless” Vets 10km race was a walker who was 13 minutes under his estimated time!

GENTLEMAN . . . Jack Tregurtha, the local race walking legend must’ve known something when he congratulated me on my win (in the walk) before the above race had even started.  Jack duly finished third, McGoo second and was that first guy really race walking?  With this being my third race in eight days, and second of the weekend I’d rapt just to finish, and 50 seconds under my estimated time.  Still all this pales against my first competition 180 at darts this week! (1996)

SO JUST . . . where does Rugby Union sit in popularity within Aussie. Well a recent list put on  website has it ranked at number seven, just one place above Netball. Number one ranked sport across the ditch is Cricket followed by AFL and NRL.  Interestingly it stated that Netball will be more popular than Rugby Union within the next few years. (2020)

SUPERSTITION . . . does play a big part in the lives of many sports people. Greek weightlifter Pyros Dimas is ruled by the number 11. He was born on 11th November, as was his daughter, his street address is number 11, and in Atlanta his room number is 11 too!

HERE’S . . . a thought and a bit of fun too with our 30th anniversary on the field coming up in 2021, why don’t we come up with a Napier Old Boys Marist 1st XV since amalgamation? Some locks to ponder:- Aaron Bartlett, Mathew Bird, Guy Horne, Alan Gardiner, Mark Abbott.  Feel free to contact me with your thoughts to:- (2020)

Cheers McGoo

THAT it is interesting to see the number of unions that are considering and have already indicated that they are pulling out of the 2020 Mitre10 Cup competition due to being financially under pressure.  As of the present the finances of the Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union appear to be sound enough to field the Magpies in whatever competition comes their way – so here’s hoping.  Obviously sound financial management and a solid lineup of loyal sponsors have helped in keeping the unions head above water.  Well done to everyone….

THAT the recent three Queensland Red Super Rugby players who refused to take a pay cut during the coronavirus pandemic have had their contracts terminated.  Considering the tight financial constraints that most franchise’s as well as the Australian Rugby Union are currently going through due to no games, no turnstile revenue and a likely downturn in sponsorship etc, it was the honourable thing to do considering the remainder of the Reds squad accepted a pay reduction.  The game is better off without these players who can only think of themselves and not accept the teams collective call.

HERE is another old Irish proverb  – May misfortune follow you the rest of your life, and never catch up.

THAT it is certainly an interesting proposal coming out of the World Rugby’s Medical group including the banning of resetting scrums, upright tackling,  team huddles and naturally spitting.  Plus players will be required to change kit and headgear at halftime with a view to reducing the transmission of Covid-19.  Their report also recommends that the players wash their hands and face for 20 seconds before kick-off and at halftime.  Also match balls should be changed and cleaned frequently.

These recommendations will be put before World Rugby’s executive committee in the coming days.  Guess we’ll await with interest as to how they rule on

THAT and another Flashback focused on the Hastings Rugby & Sports hosted 79th Spillane Tournament in 2010.  It was interesting to look back on three of our larger units who have played and AJ still playing for Napier Old Boys Marist, ‘team up again’ to assist Matt Birds Wairoa Celtic at the Hastings hosted tournament.
The combined years of these former Hawkes Bay Magpies so far in their careers add up to in excess 129.   And some say there is still a good few years left in them yet.  Truly an example of the love of the game that others can aspire to.  Rumour had it that they may be teaming up again for Spillane 2011!

129 + Years of Experience

True Marist Men – Matt Bird (Wairoa Celtic), Alan Gardiner (Napier OBM) and Aaron Bartlett (Hastings Rugby & Sports)

THAT for now guys take care of your families and loved ones and stay safe……  We want to see you back as soon as we get the all clear…….


++++  You are your only limit.








“I would have liked to have the opportunity. I’ve had a bit of a taste of it in previous years and I would have liked to have had another go.”
All Black Sam Whitelock on missing out on the top job as captain.

“My best memories are those with the NZ Maori team because there is a totally different culture compared to the All Blacks.”
Former All Black Bill Bush


And a decade ago…..

Flashback to 2010 –

Tremain OB Marist’s Bronson Spooner wraps up an MAC attack with team-mates Johnny Lauano, Mark Jackman (13), Michael Johnson and Mike Coman the Napier sides 18-10 win at Ron Giorgi Park on Saturday.


Some of us carry our
Heart in our hands



Test  Your Rugby Knowledge

This weeks Poser  – Do you remember the score in the 2020 Spillane Cup Final ?

Poser 2   – Here’s one to test you 1 !   Q1 Who was the NOBM Premier who scored the opening try of the 2019 season.  &  Q2 Who score the final premier try of the 2019 season ?

Poser  3  –  Which All Black captain had the highest ratio of test wins to losses: Richie McCaw, Brian Lochore, Kieran Read ?

Poser 4 –  The Crusaders won the 2019 Super Rugby Final 19-3.  Who were the runners-up ?


Last weeks Poser  – How many Test matches did Richie McCaw play ?   Answer  –  148 (A world rugby record)

Poser 2   – All Black Ben Smith is not turning out for the Highlanders this year. Who is he going to play for ?        Answer – Green Island  (in Otago club rugby.)

Poser  3  – Who has been the coach of the Samoa Sevens team over recent years ?        Answer –  Former NZ Sevens guru Gordon Teitjens

Poser 4 – What was the score in the All Blacks loss to England in the RWC semi-final last year ?               Answer –  England 19 NZ 7


Note  –  All Black fixtures are still somewhat up in the air and subject to change.  The draw for the new Aotearoa Super Rugby competition has now been announced and there is a measure of uncertainty re just what test fixtures the All Blacks will play in 2020.    More information should  be circulated over the coming weeks as to who is starting, where and when etc.  Watch this space….

MITRE10 CUP  –  Sun 9 Aug vs Southland (Invercargill)  –   Sat 15 Aug vs Counties Manukau (McLean Pk @ 2.05pm)  –   Sun 23 Aug vs Canterbury (McLean Pk @ 4.35pm)  –     Sun 30 Aug vs Otago (Dunedin)  –   Fri 4 Sep vs North Harbour (North Harbour)  –   Sat 12 Sept vs Northland  (McLean Park @ 2.05pm)  –    Fri 18 Sept vs Manawatu (McLean Park @ 7.05pm)  –     26 Sept vs Bay of Plenty (Tauranga)  –    Fri 2 Oct vs Wellington (McLean Park @ 7.05pm)  –    Sun 11 Oct vs Taranaki (New Plymouth)  –    Fri 16/Sat 17  Oct –  Semi Final  –   Fri 22/Sat 24 Oct – FINAL


Aotearoa Comp. – Round 1
Sat.13 June  –  Highlanders  v  Chiefs  @  Dunedin   5.05pm
Sun.14 June  –  Blues  v  Hurricanes   @  Auckland    3.05pm
Bye – Crusaders

HOME INTERNATIONALS  –   An update on whether any of these or which games will proceed is still to be announced.  4 July vs Wales (Auckland),  11 July v Wales (Wellington),   18 July v Scotland (Dunedin)  :::  15 August v Australia (Wellington),  29 August v Argentina (Hamilton),   5 September  v South Africa (Auckland)



New Zealand Marist Rugby Federation
An organization initiated to promote and foster a spirit of union, co-operation and close friendly relations between all Marist and similar rugby union football clubs in New Zealand, Australasia and the Pacific.

Neil Murphy

General Manager

Ellwood Function Centre,  Otene Road,  Hastings
Phone: 0274 070 809


+ Dates still to be finalized…
2020 NZ Marist Colts tour  –  Northland/Auckland regions  – This years tour has been cancelled.
2020 NZ MARIST XV  v  NZR Divisional XV

>>>  <<<


Pass the Word Around
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Napier Ex High Marist Netball Club

Hi everyone – we hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe.

HB Netball is tentatively looking at 20 June for a netball start date – dependent on direction from the Government and Netball NZ.

We need to know who is still keen to play this season, so your team manager will be in touch soon, or feel free to contact them.

At this stage we don’t know any specifics, but there is a possibility that spectators won’t be allowed at the courts, so this may affect the ability to play for those of you who usually bring your children along.

There’ll be no judgement if you choose not to play this season because of COVID-19. We understand everyone will feel differently about it.

We will update you again when we know more.
In the meantime, HB Netball has more info on their page that you may wish to read –

>>> For more Info  please Contact: President: Glenys Hannan  027 8355 565

Secretary/Treasurer:  Jacqui Gardiner  0272 398 204  /  Gear Manager: Jo Exeter  0276 227 607  /  Jill Verschaffelt  027 299 2704

Like us on facebook to keep up to date with all the happenings.

‘Team up with ExHigh Marist Netball in 2020′

Napier Marist FC

2020 Committee Members
Chairman – Chris Guillemot
Treasurer – Nicola Brown   Secretary – Larissa Duwakin   Club Captain – Ken Cooper
Executive –  Sheree Lack,  Marty Akers,  Carl Hunt
Coaching Coordinator – Marty Akers
Junior Club Captain – James McIntosh.   Junior Committee Rep – Anna Quinn

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The NOMBCC committee have decided to POSTPONE the upcoming
2019/20 Senior and Junior Prizegivings until the clubs AGM in August.
Patron:     John O’Shaughnessy
President:    Dave Herrick
Secretary:    Andrew Frame
Auditor:    David Pearson     Treasurer:     James McCorkindale
Chairman:  Del Whyte
Committee: Del Whyte, Matthew Sinclair, Glen Walklin,  Daniel Whyte,  Calim Leathard,  Scott Morgan, Stu Lindsay
+  Club coaches and Team Captains

New Players Always Welcome

For all Cricket Info please contact:
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“New Players Welcome to Team up with us again for the 2020-21 Season”

Contacts:  Club Chairman: Craig Smith.    Secretary: Abby Whitley – 027 8450 735  –
Club Contact: Dianne de Lautour – 027 240 3235
“New Players Welcome to Team up with us for the 2020-21”

The Leprauchan Comments

Paddy and Mick were approaching a pub which had been destroyed by a bomb only minutes before. As they passed, a head rolled out of the smoldering ruins and across the pavement before them. Paddy stooped, picked it up and held it for Mick to see.
“Sure now Mick, isn’t this Sean Murphy?”

“No, Paddy, no, it couldn’t be. It’s an amazin’ resemblance, but Murphy was shorter than that.”


Brendan Behan told the story when he got back home to Dublin of while he was away of how he got a job in London with a street repair gang. The first job he went to they were down in a hole singing Happy Birthday around the foreman.
“Is it the foreman’s birthday?” asked Brendan.
“No, Brendan. It’s the third anniversary of the hole.”


Spanish singer Julio Iglesias was on television with British TV host Anne Diamond when he used the word ‘manana’. Diamond asked him to explain what it meant. He said that the term means “maybe the job will be done to-morrow, maybe the next day, maybe the day after that. Perhaps next week, next month, next year. Who cares?”
The host turned to Irishman Shay Brennan who was also on the show and asked him if there was an equivalent term in Irish.
“No. In Ireland we don’t have a word to describe that degree of urgency.”, replied Brennan.


Murphy won the Irish Sweepstakes $100,000.00 and was on a long holiday in America. He went on a bus tour and traveled for hours and hours through desert country and oil fields.
Murphy said, “Where are we now?”
The guide said, “We’re in the great state of Texas.”
“It’s a big place,” said Murphy.
The guide reoplied, “It’s so big, that your County Kerry would fit into the smallest corner of it.”
And Murphy said, “Yes, and wouldn’t it do wonders for Texas!”

We look forward to seeing all rugby players, footballers, netballers, cricketers and softballers and friends at the clubrooms each Saturday  –  Pop in for cool Tui or two  – Also bring along your mates for an Ale and a chat.    All members and Friends Welcome …………. Ed

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